Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams has influenced my work from the very beginning and they reason I chose to look in to landscape photography. When I first discovered him it was his series in Yosemite that captured my eye with the depth that he achieves in his images but it was when I went looking in to all his images over his life time that I found the images aspens, Rose and driftwood and leaves, which is when I decided that I was going to focus more on closer up images of landscape and focus on the themes of trees and flowers. This was because the depth and texture he had achieved in the images interest me. I also liked how he used black and white for all of his images as he could control the outcomes. Which is something that I am going to look in to for my outcomes.


Imogen Cunningham

Cunningham was known for her portrait work and her sharply focused photograph’s of plants. The same as Adams, Cunningham also worked in in black and white which is something that I plan to look in to with my work and see what I prefer = Cunningham work is going to influence my work as I focus on close up photography. What I also like and Cunningham work is that she plays around with depth of field in her images as she it is close up but I like how the backgrounds of the images aren’t of anything and focuses on the content and textures of what she is photographing. What I like about hr work is that she doesn’t stick to the rue of rule of thirds, as lot of her images are centred This is something that I want to try out and compare to ones that do follow the rules of thirds so see what is more effective. Imogen Cunningham is going to influence my work through the way she takes her images. I plan to do some shoots of flowers and keep my work looking towards them. firstly i am going to focus on doing some shoots in the photography studios and then i also want to see if i can achieve the same thing but outside with an improvised studio so that the flowers are still in there natural habitat.

Robert Mapplethorpe

Through a tutorial with my lecture i found Robert mapplethorpe who does similar work to Imogen Cunningham, with his series called orchid. it also seems to be take in a studio but focuses more on the lighting which is something that makes the flowers look more beautiful and elegant since they have such a thin surface to them. I want to experiment with different lighting and backgrounds to see how these affect the images.