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March 2017

Recreating images

today we were given the task to chose some images in two groups of famous photographers works and try and recreate it. I chose to do Yousuf Karsh's image of jfk Below are some examples of what i created, we... Continue Reading →


Playing with light

Since i have chosen to focus on lighting for the final images, we had a lecture on alternative lighting sources and how they would affect the images. so we did a shoot on these alternative ways and these are the... Continue Reading →


Orchids are such beautiful flowers and i decided that i'm going to focus on taking photos of flowers for my final images for my assignment, that i would start off with a studio shoot on a type of flower. I... Continue Reading →

Trees and Twigs

Following on from the flower shoot i recently did, i decided that i would keep with the nature and landscape theme in my shoots. So for this shoot i focused on the trees and there branches, since it is coming... Continue Reading →

Flower shoot

This is a shoot i have recently done, as by the title of this post it was done on flowers. I chose to do a shoot on flowers as i love how everyone is different and they all have different... Continue Reading →

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