During this weeks shoot we had to focus on street photography and achieving candid photos. one of the main goals was to get photos of people that they were unaware of them being taken and another was asking people to be to be able to take their photo if you were confident enough to stop a strange and ask them.

I found this shoot to be a challenge as it feels unnatural to takes peoples photos without asking them  and it was also hard to get a quality photo of someone while they are on the move while just holding the camera.

At first glance of my photos most of them were out of focus or weren’t what I was trying to achieve however I did manage to get a few that I liked. Below I’ve attached some of the examples of the outcomes that I achieved today.

After looking at my images I decided that some of then would look better with a bit of post production and here is a few examples.

(Original on top and edited on bottom)

I played around with the crop tool in order to focus in on the subject in the photos better. i also enhanced the colours in the images and played around with making a few black and white.


(Above image)This is  favourite image from this entire shoot and it is one that I am highly considered to be about of my final portfolio. it is my favourite photo as I like how I have managed to achieve the look that the model is moving since it was taken when she was riding past me. I also like how the model is completely in focus while the background is burred as if i was also moving at the same pace as the model to achieve this image.

With this image I thought it would be good to try some different edits or see what other outcomes i could achieve from this image.