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February 2017

Panning photography

Panning photography is not something i knew off until i had a tutorial with my lecture. he told me about it since i had achieved it below in an image by accident, so i looked in to it and how... Continue Reading →


Street and Candid photos

During this weeks shoot we had to focus on street photography and achieving candid photos. one of the main goals was to get photos of people that they were unaware of them being taken and another was asking people to... Continue Reading →

Architecture Shoot

So today we weren't in the studios but out and around our university taking pictures of the¬†architecture. This was for us to focus on composition and starting to think about rule of thirds and leading lines, things that add depth... Continue Reading →

Low Key and High Key Photos

Today we were asked to do a response shoot to what we learnt last lesson. But this time we were asked to focus on low key lighting and high key lighting. We had to set up the studios our selfs... Continue Reading →

Flash Portraits

So today was out second lecture on photography. We were introduced to the photography studios at my university and then we were allowed to play around with the cameras and different types of lightings, to see the effects they have... Continue Reading →

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