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The Final Product

For the final assignment, I had to record sounds to put with pictures and create a video. I originally had planned to do a looping of images but found when editing that I thought it was more effective as a... Continue Reading →


Production Process

Assignment 2 Idea The idea that I have for my second assignment is that I want to loop my 24 images for the first assignment to make a narrative that this girl is stuck in a constant loop of being... Continue Reading →

Planning and final images

After the first attempt at taking my photos of the assignment, I realised that I need to focus more on what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to frame each image to make sure that this time I... Continue Reading →

Narrative Photography

This week we looked into narrative photography and how it was different to just going out and taking pictures. this was for the first assignment that we had to submit 24 images, but we focused on making them into a... Continue Reading →

Colour Shoot

The next set of images that we had to take was to focus on colour. The aim for this was to make sure that even if the object that we are taking photos matched the background we were able to... Continue Reading →

Camera Test shoot

During our first few weeks if this course we were given tasks to practice our camera skills. the first week was to focus on just experimenting with the different settings on the camera in order to get the best outcomes that we... Continue Reading →

This Blog

I have started this blog for an assignment on my university course.  one of the things that I need to talk about is why I have made my blog look the way I have it. First was the name ...... Continue Reading →

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